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Many hikers are now using lightweight backpacking tents. The bell-tent is used by many people worldwide and extensively for many purposes. For instance, they are used for hiking, festivities, and other personal uses. The tents are made from cotton and, unlike a tent made of polyester, their fiber doesn’t get into the nostrils. Bell tents can be used for overnight stays and offer multiple benefits. The bell tents are also known as nostalgic tents and they are highly sought after in the market. These bell tents have a circular shape and are supported by a central pole. Additionally, the side walls are small and pegged by several guylines.

Additionally, the tent includes a front door frame. The bell tent is typically made from polycotton or cotton fabric. A synthetic material can be used in some cases. This reduces the overall size of the tent and its weight. A synthetic bell tent can also be produced at a lower cost. However, it is suggested that individuals purchase cotton or a polycotton bell tent. The bell tents have been in the industry for over many years. The bell tent’s composition is 100% cotton. However, the floor is made of synthetic material and the walls are made out of cotton. On the other hand, different fabrics like polyester and nylon are not much used while preparing a bell tent because they are less durable and increase the overall production cost. Besides, cotton as a fabric is resistant to UV rays. For summer, a cotton bell-tent is the best choice. Go to the below mentioned site, if you are seeking for more details about photo booth hire brighton.

Bell tents made from polycotton provide excellent insulation and breathability. Polycotton has a longer life span than other materials. You also have multiple benefits with it, such as the fact that it dries quicker during summer and is less prone for friction wear. The bell tents are full of fresh air, and hence, people with breathing issues can live comfortably in those tents. Polycotton bell tents don’t have the mustiness associated with nylon or synthetic bell tents. The earthly scent of grass, nature and cotton is more appealing to people who stay in cotton bell tents than the musk and plastic smells. Furthermore, bell tents remain cool during the summer season, and hence the inside temperature drops down. They are also great for ventilation. Bell tents made with cotton are very popular during summer. It keeps individuals cool and free from the scorching summer heat.